Dr Bhaminder Gill (male doctor) Working J-Von Full time(Monday to Friday) is taking New Patients. He speaks English and  little Punjabi.

Dr Zong (Male doctor) speaks Mandarin; he will increase his days into five days start in October.

Dr Zhai(female doctor) speaks Mandarin and English joining our clinic.working as locum now on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday and Sunday

Please note website information may not be updated;so always call to inquiry.

Dr.Cheung: female;speaks (English, Cantonese, Mandarin); working Tue&Thu

Dr.Wei: female;speaks English&Mandarin; working Wed

Dr.Lau: male;speaks English,Mandarin&Canto;Working Mon&Sat 

Dr.Liu: female;Speaks English&Mandarin; Working Mon&Wed 

Dr.Tuet: female;Speaks English& Cantonese; Fri

Dr.Zong:Male;Speaks English&Mandarin;working Mon,Tue,Thur, and will be here full time(in october Mon,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat)

Dr Zhai:Female;Speaks English and Mandarin;working Tue,Thur,Fri,Sat

Dr.Gill:Male;Speaks English and Punjabi;working Monday to Friday

please ask the clinic for updated doctors' working schedule